Additional Resources

Unity Client

The Unity Client is another avenue to access OnBase via the Windows Operating System. This unity client provides a very familiar Microsoft feel and allows you to drag windows out providing a true multi-monitor support. This program is relatively easy to install, you will need to have administrative rights to your computer or you will need your local IT support to assist you with the installation. You can click on the below link and the installation wil begin it's process.

OnBase Unity Client Installation File (please use internet explorer to download it).

OnBase Web

OnBase Web Installation (You will need your local IT support to assist with installation). 

This application supports Internet Explorer 7.0 or greater, Firefox 24 ESR, Safari 5.1.9 or greater, or Safari 6.0.4 or greater.

OnBase Distribution List

Receive the latest information on OnBase updates, server maintenance and meeting updates by adding yourself to the distribution list. This list is also great for requesting for additional help from your SF State OnBase Community.
To subscribe to the distribution list:
1.     Log-in to SF State Gateway
2.     Click on “Profile”
3.     Under Distribution List Subscriptions, select the link “Manage your distribution list subscriptions”
4.     Search Distribution List:
5.     Select Subscribe

Bi-Weekly OnBase Meetings 


We hold Bi-weekly meetings to help OnBase users with any issues they are experiencing and discuss any questions and concerns they might have regarding OnBase. This is also the place where you will receive announcements and up to date status information on centralized scanning projects. For more information, please join the OnBase distribution list as meeting notes are broadcast to the distribution list.